What you see in the photo above is one of the best things we ate in Italy. San Daniele Prosciutto sliced with a meat slicer right in front of us, just spicy enough horse radish cream cheese, all on a fresh baked baguette with a crunchy crust. While walking around Venice, looking for a non-tourist trap to eat at along the water (they’re all tourist traps), we stumbled upon a small hole-in-the-wall “bar” called Hostaria VECIO Biavarol. It was pretty much a tiny shop with just enough room for 4 stools lined along the shop’s walls. This intimate setting was perfect for us to share these palm-sized apertivo (appetizers), which were made to order by the nice little lady behind the counter. Sometimes the simplest things can be the best. 100% would recommend; it seemed like this was a cool place for young adults to stop by, grab a drink, and hang out in the piazza right outside.

In the theme of sliced cured meats, we learned to fall in love with it, and that there are so many different kinds! You can eat it with cheese, wine, olives, arugula salad, it’s served with this fried bread, baked bread, crackers, etc. Delicious.





Another phenomenal meal (okay, everything in Italy is amazing), at Il Latini in Florence. We tried chicken liver bruschetta, steak, more sliced meats, pasta with bolognese sauce, and so much more. We ended the meal with a digestif, a really strong and sweet alcohol that you dip biscotti in! Then you drink it.

Overall, I think we spent 2.5-3 hours at lunch, but that is normal in Italy. Being from New York, we’re trained to eat fast and get out of the way for the next person. In Europe, they take food very seriously, and enjoying it is a sport. We learned to slow down and taste everything with purpose. It’s such a different lifestyle!



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