Brewery Tasting- Samuel Adams

If you’re ever in Boston, and 21+ years old, of course, stop by the Samuel Adams Brewery for a free tour (suggested $2.00 donation), and you will get to walk through the process of how each bottle of craft brewed beer is made. You’ll also get to sample some of their brews on tap, and as if that isn’t enough, you’ll also get to take the glass home with you! This was a good activity for our group of friends, and it was nice to taste the ingredients that went into the beer as well as the end result.


We received these little bottle labels as tickets, but we had to give
them to a ticket taker when the tour started. You can see the giant drums that the brews are made in behind us!



We sat in a tasting room with the whole group after the walking portion ended, and as you can see, they lined up some pitchers for us to pour ourselves. The tasting included a Winter Lager, the Boston Lager, and a New Belgium Seasonal Beer.

Overall, it was a fun experience, especially if you like learning how things are made. Oh, and beer too. Make sure you check the schedule to see when you can get in on this awesome tour!



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