Macarons are one of the hardest confections I’ve ever made. It requires precision in timing, accuracy in measurements, and attention to detail. I’ve failed 2 times out of 4 attempts, and it’s difficult to pinpoint what can ruin a batch, as there are many MANY variables that affect the outcome. The reason why they’re so expensive and highly prized is because once you mess up in a single step (whether it is step 1 or step 15), the whole thing needs to be scrapped and started over.

My department had a baking contest during December for a chance to win the Golden Whisk (a whisk spray painted and glittered). There were four weeks of potential point earning, and four categories: Cakes, Pies/Cobblers, Challenge Ingredient: Ginger, and Cookies. I will go into those other categories at another time, but I thought that Pistachio and Vanilla French Butter cream macarons could win the cookie week (although they are more of a confectionary than a cookie).

Clearly, my KitchenAid has been put to good use since I found a great deal on Just getting to this step however, required lots of sifting and folding hoping that it wouldn’t rain that day (humidity can cause your shells to deflate).



The process was long and arduous, as I mentioned it could be ruined at any moment, so I was being careful to treat these delicate goods with the respect they deserved. You can see the Mrs. Anderson’s Silicon Baking Mat that comes in handy; I tried baking macarons on parchment paper, and they burned on the bottoms.

As you can see, I went with a Christmas theme, and you can guess who won because of her over-achiever nature. I’m highly competitive, and will spend a long time trying to perfect anything I bake or cook, especially with a golden prize at the end.

I can edit the post later with the recipe if you comment and request!



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