Iceland is only 5.5 hours away from New York City, so it is an easy and quick trip! We tried a lot of different foods, like lamb with roasted potatoes and red cabbage slaw (above), lobster and scallop sushi rolls, and fresh baked goods. We stayed in Reykjavik, and didn’t need a car for our 3 day trip, so we walked to all the restaurants and took a tour bus for sightseeing.


We also tried a dessert platter with sorbets, fresh fruits, lava cakes (there are lots of lava-themed items in Iceland), and much more. These were perfect palate cleansers, though many of the dishes tasted very clean and not too oily.

Icelandic food is rich and flavorful, also being very powerful in its use of textures and colors. Because the country is trying to boost tourism, I’m sure they had to increase their visibility through food, but they’re doing a great job.

Some of the restaurants we went to are listed below:
Resto (lamb dish in photo above)
The Fish Market (dessert video and sushi)
Svarta Kaffid (very good soup in a bread bowl, perfect for the chilly weather)


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