Dragon’s Breath

Dragon’s Breath Dessert from Chocolate Chair in Los Angeles, California was a very popular food trend, where liquid nitrogen is poured over these cereal-like spheres, and placed in a cup for easy handling. You are given long skewers to poke them with, and dipping sauce if you want to pay a little extra. They don’t really taste like much, other than unflavored cereal, but the nitrogen escaping out of your nostrils and mouth makes it look like you’re blowing smoke (not figuratively). If you dip enough of the crunchy circles into the strawberry or chocolate sauce, the sauce will freeze!

It looks like you can get a variation at -321º Ice Cream Shop in New York City, but they use Utz Cheese Balls instead.


2 thoughts on “Dragon’s Breath

  1. Hey Melissa, as a fellow foodie I find this so cool! Next time I’m in LA or NY I’m definitely going to make a point to check out the places you listed. Thanks so much for sharing.


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